Session 6 Data Analysis and Utilization

  • Hye-Kyung Lee Professor, Paichai University, Korea Hye-Kyung Lee is a professor at Pai Chai University, South Korea. Since she got her Ph.D. degree in Sociology at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1988, she has published many papers on migration and transnational communities, gender and work. She has served an advisory committee member for the Korean National Statistical Office, the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice, and the Immigration Policy Commission. She was the President of Korea International Migration Studies Association (KIMSA) from January 2009 to December 2010. In addition, she was the President of the Population Association of Korea from January 2018 to December 2019.
  • Sula Sarkar Research Scientist, IPUMS Center for Data Integration, University of Minnesota Sula SARKAR works as a Research Scientist at the IPUMS Center for Data Integration, University of Minnesota. She holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Minnesota, USA. As a geographer, Sula studies changing administrative boundaries from one census year to another. Her work at IPUMS mostly deals with harmonizing this changing geography and creating a consistent geographical footprint across time and space.
  • Diah Ikawati Head of Demographic Statistics Evaluation and Reporting Section, BPS-Statistics Indonesia My name is Diah Ikawati.
    I work at Demographic Statistics Division, BPS-Statistics Indonesia as Head of Demographics Statistics Evaluation and Reporting Section.
    The responsibilities of my division are to conduct the population census, to calculate population projection, and to produce demographic parameters.
  • Rachel Snow Branch Chief, Population and Development Branch, UNFPA -

Session 7 Data Processing and Evaluation

  • Amarbal Avirmed Director of Social and Population Statistics Department, National Statistics Office of Mongolia -
  • Mohan Singh Thapa Technical Director, Office of Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India I am Mohan Singh Thapa working as Technical Director, heading the Information Technology/Electronic Data Processing Division in The office of The Registrar General India.
    Having the experience in working of various department of Government of India and always served in the capacity of Data Processer/Advisor. Also contributed in the Census Data Processing of Papua New Guinea during 2013-2014 as an UNFPA Data Processing Advisor. Processed the India Census Data for Census 1991, 2001 and 2011 and currently developing the web portal and Mobile app for digital dataa collection during Census 2021.
  • Young-Seob Jeong Adviser, Population Census Division, KOSTAT / Professor, Soonchunhyang University In 2016, he received a PhD from School of Computing, KAIST, Korea.
    He joined the faculty of the department of Bigdata Engineering at Soonchunhyang university, Korea, in 2017.
    His current research topics are natural language processing, dialog systems, and language models using deep learning techniques.

Closing Session

  • Vu Thi Thu Thuy ANCSDAPP President-elect, Director of Population and Labour Statistics Department, GSO Vietnam -
  • Yeon-ok Choi Director General, Survey Management Bureau, Statistics Korea -