Opening Session

  • Bayanchimeg Chilkhaasuren President of ANCSDAAP/Acting Chairperson, NSO Mongolia -
  • Shin Wook Kang Commissioner, Statistics Korea -
  • Richard Vuylsteke President, East-West Center -
  • Bulgantuya Khurelbaatar Member of the Mongolian Parliament -

Session 1 Data Collection: Administration records, field work

  • Oliver Fischer Assistant Division Chief, U.S. Census Bureau Oliver P. Fischer is Head of the Census Bureau's International Programs. He is a trained demographer and has provided technical guidance to over 50 countries in various aspects of census and survey implementation, including questionnaire design, data collection, editing, tabulation, analysis and dissemination. 
  • Young-il Lim Deputy Director, Statistics Korea Youngil Lim is Deputy Director of the Population Census Division of Statistics Korea. He has been responsible for register-based census in Korea using administrative data for a decade, which has brought remarkable changes, including reduction of cost and dissemination of census every year since 2015.
  • Ho Kai Tang Statistician, Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong, China TANG Ho-kai, Hench, Statistician of Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong, China, is responsible for planning and implementation of online questionnaire under multi-modal data collection approach, macro editing, data analysis and dissemination of 2021 Population Census.
  • Nguyen Van Hung Statistician, Department of Population and Labour Statistics, General Statistics Office of Vietnam Mr. Nguyen Van Hung is principal Statistician of General Statistical Office of Viet Nam.
    He has ever participated the two Population and housing Censuses: 2009 and 2019 Census

Session 2 2020 Round Censuses in the Era of COVID-19

  • Sanjay Additional Registrar General, Office of Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India I am posted in the Office of Registrar general of India as Additional Registrar General since October 2016 and looking after the work of conducting Census of India, digitisation of Census data, analysis of data and National Population Register.
    I belong to Indian Statistical Service. I have worked in different capacity in various Ministries of Government of India. Earlier, I have rich experience of working in the field of Education, Agriculture and Indirect Taxes Statistics. In the early years of my service career, I have worked for 10 Years in National Sample Survey Organisation conducting households’ surveys.
  • Wai Yin Chia Senior Manager, Singapore Department of Statistics I am Chia Wai Yin from Household Surveys and Expenditure Statistics, Singapore Department of Statistics. We are currently conducting Census of Population 2020. Other surveys we are involved in include Household Expenditure Survey and Comprehensive Household Survey.
  • Uray Naviandi Head of Demographic Statistics Preparation Section, BPS-Statistics Indonesia My name is Uray Naviandi.
    I work at Demographic Statistics Division, BPS-Statistics Indonesia as Head of Demographics Statistics Preparation Section.
    The responsibilities of my division are to conduct the population census, to calculate population projection, and to produce demographic parameters.
  • Hidemine Sekino Deputy Director, Statistics Bureau of Japan Mr. Sekino joined the Statistics Bureau of Japan in 1996. He engaged in the work on official statistics including the Economic Census, Labor Force Survey, Family Income and Expenditure Survey, etc. He is also in charge of the examination, study and analysis of the Population Census from 2020.